September 25, 2010

Thirty is a nice age for a woman - especially if she happens to be forty.  Sometimes HW finds herself disheartened at the thought of how long she’s been in the business. And nothing brings it home more than interviewing a celebrity twice.  Rachel Bilson was so new to the celebrity game when I first met her, that she bought her boyfriend, OC co-star, Adam Brody, along with her.  They held hands and HW, something of a romantic herself, thought how touching it was.  World-weary veteran celebs just never do that.  When I met her again some years later, (HW being only marginally miffed that she hadn’t been personally remembered) (See Cosmo interview) the smile looked used, the face hardened and the barriers had gone up.  Bilson wouldn’t even talk about her love life, let alone think to bring him along.

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